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abbyy: what kind of printer? abbyy: What model? Dell p2500 abbyy: one of those fancy printers that the computer prints out the document I know it has to have a driver for it yes not sure which, do you have some bluetooth connected abbyy: Was it working? What happens if you plug it into another computer? Atluxity: no, I have no bt device usr13: My printer shows up in the Windows 7 Printers and other computers section abbyy: I know you just said bluetooth device abbyy: Ok, so does it print? no, it will not print usr13: I got an error message about the cable abbyy: So what is the error message? usr13: "Cable connection is broken" abbyy: Ok, how about trying to do a network printer share? usr13: I have no idea what that means I am using Windows 7 as the host and Windows XP as the guest abbyy: And it is not a USB printer? usr13: My printer is plugged into a USB port USB device abbyy: Ok, what is the output of sudo fdisk -l abbyy: (In a pastebin) one moment (I'm thinking that is where the trouble is) Hi, I need help, is there a way to restore the desktop settings? faraday_, save the desktop this should be the answer. I don't know why it crash, when I press super + c, it's not fast




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